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Gramma Nettie spins wool

Gramma Nettie spins wool

And what else is new about that?  So here is my latest example of grey Shetland wool which I carded, dyed using Country Classics colors, then blended on the drum carder.  I don’t know how many stupid bats I did before I figured out what to do.  I tried to stick with either warm or cool colors, but added a splash of the other for interest.  The purple ended up quite nice.  I took some of the same colors and spun long series of singles which I plied with the shorter series, creating a sort of fake fractal ply.  Oh, I also added glitter!

This is the Batt ready to spin.

Here it is blended on the drum carder.  I use a cat brush as the brush.

Partly spun.  It does have a bit of VM

Spun, washed and fulled.

The warm colors With a touch of green

An Entrelac beret I made up with colors I’m not really pleased with.  I’ll probably frog it.


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