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Bionic minus 9days

I have 9 days left.  And I have had way too much drama.  I had to let it all soak in, take a class, finish being sicker than a dog and care for my husband.

So, BadBird has a bad back.  Y’all know that already.  He can barely move his right leg, has to get around with a front wheeled walker.  He’s fallen a couple of times when that leg gives out on him.  Things are way beyond a cane.  His surgery is scheduled for Monday morning, exactly a week before my hip replacement.  We will both be laid up. We like to do things together, don’t you know.  He’s on warfarin, has had to stop that and is bridged with Lovenox.  Warfarin is a blood thinner that takes about 5 days to get up to speed, and about 5 days to wear off.  In between the last dose of warfarin and when he starts it up again, he still needs a blood thinner.  So we do Enoxaparin Lovenox subQ injections twice daily.  It is a low molecular weight heparin that lasts 12 hours, so he will have very minimal risk of bleeding during the surgery.  Since I am the resident nurse, the job naturally became mine.  I finally get to show him the quality work I do.  He has very little bruising at the injection sites.  I have him ice the target area for about 5 minutes, then I cleanse with alcohol, wave my hand over it to dry it (or to perform a blessing) then inject just under the skin.  You want to go very slowly to minimize the bleeding, then apply the ice for another 5 minutes or so.  Behold my handiwork!

 I considered postponing someone’s surgery, but really?  His leg is useless and he hurts so much.  His surgery has to go on.  Then, what about delaying my surgery?  Well, considering that I already waited too long, I have nothing left.  I already find it hard to get around at work.  I can do it, but I really hurt by the time I go home.  The patients are starting to feel sorry for me!  I call a patient to the ED from the lobby, and sometimes I tell him “I would tell you to walk this way, but it’s not fun” and I almost always get a chuckle.

I was slightly ill during Norm’s surgery consult.  Had to stop several times on the way down to the big city.  Sometimes I swear I have IBS, irritable bowel syndrome.  Still a fussy tummy during the consult, got violently sick and vomiting by the time I got home.  Had to lie down for a couple of hours to recover.  Didn’t eat anything, drank lots of water and Gatorade, although that’s not on plan.  I was beyond caring.  The next day I slept more, worked the ED that night, got off Thursday morning, rushed home to shoot the Lovenox, rush back to work to attend – and pass – PALS course.  I am once again certified to save children. 

 This class was more difficult than it usually is.  Although I took the online portion and passed, I had so much going on that I could not open the textbook even once.  On top of that, I took the one day renewal class.  In my rural area, I don’t use the skills I learn enough to feel comfortable with a refresher course.  I always opt for the full meal deal.  I flubbed a bit on my megacode scenarios.  I never expect the fake baby to die.  But I aced the written exam, missing only one question, the same question every one else missed.  I am once more certified.  But y’all knew that.

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Bionic Gramma Nettie

‚ÄčI have an important announcement.  My family already knows this.  I have been scheduled for a hip replacement August 15th.  I am ready for this.  So so ready.  Those who know me see how I walk funny.  I’ve been fighting this for about two years and it just got much worse in the last six months despite everything. 

 The surgeon said I don’t have much mileage left on it.  I had to stop walking extra, stopped the elliptical.  Now that the date is less than a month out, I’ve doubled up on those exercises, doing two sets each.  I can feel the muscles work.  Doing this allows me to continue working.  It is like duct tape and glue keeping the pelvis and hip working together somewhat.  The exercises also are to get muscles moving that have not moved properly in years, preparing for the rehab I’ll have to do later.

At first I suspected something in the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan caused the exacerbation and worsening of the arthritis.  I thought this because it seemed to get worse beginning about the same time I started THM in January.  Every pound I lost should have made the joint move better, but instead it seemed to have an atypical response, the pain got worse.  

I posted on the THM page a question about this, if anybody else had a similar cause and effect.  Before I got an answer, my post was removed for being inappropriate.  Again I posted asking for response.  They have such a huge data base that SOME one else had to have an answer for me.  As before, my post was removed for the same reason.  I was asking questions, not blaming.  Shutting down my post that quickly gave me NO answer, instead it made me think the founders have something to hide.  I think we need to know the rosy goodness that is THM, but also the not so good things too.  This program probably had side effects, and it behooves the mama to know them before starting out.  In the medical field it is known as “informed consent.”

Again, I wasn’t blaming Trim Healthy Mama.  One admin was more helpful and directed me to the THM allergy group.  Here I leaned that dairy may cause increased inflammation and pain, and I learned how to start an elimination diet to find out if I am similarly affected.

I did some research in medical journals and found that osteoarthritis (OA) can lumber along quietly for years and decades.  Then, suddenly, it explodes and you are debilitated within a matter of months or weeks.  Mine started the explosion about the same time I started THM.  A coincidence of the greatest order.

So, what to do now?  Now, I have to have a new hip joint.  I ordered one from Amazon, and it will be installed August 15th.  Yes, I have hip replacement surgery, and I should be out of work for about two months.  Ooh, don’t get me wrong!  I will have my (rehab) work cut out for me, but it will mean I will go back to work, and whup arse!  I’ll have to get over the idea of needing help.  I’m a tough, independent old bird … And my kids are the first to agree with me.  Gramma Nettie becomes bionical.


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