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Gramma Nettie and wool

Gramma Nettie and wool

This is my newest acquisition, two pounds of merino from Shep’s Wool.  I will dye it orange and yellow, then purchase some red wool and some black wool.  I can never get red too look like red, it always looks pink.  These are going to be Monster Longies for my three grandsons, RedBoy, OrangeBoy, YellowBoy.

I parted the single long top into pieces just under a quarter pound each.  Then I chained the top instead of braiding it.

The smallish chain I took for myself, some was spun into a plain single, the rest on the drum carder with three different color angelina.  Then I spun it up, plied it with the plain one to make a simple yarn with subtle colors.  I call it confetti.

The vertical yarn is fulled, the horizontal yarn is not.  Fulling makes the yarn softer and more pliable.  Now I have a choice, whether to dye the top or the yarn?

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