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Android troubles

What is up with the latest Android update?  I can’t access my videos because I have to turn off some overlay on settings.  I can’t access my photos because I have to turn off overlays.  I can’t save a photo from Facebook nor send a copy via email because I have to turn off overlay.

OK.  So I go to settings where the program directs me and I turn off everything I can find and I STILL get the same frustrating message!  My phone is senseless and useless now.  What am I supposed to do?

Update — I called the Verizon who connected me to an LG specialist I think in India.  He had me go into some special area of the phone and made me a developer.  Another few taps and one aspect of the troubles is fixed.  He said everything’s better now, hope you have a great day.  I told him I still had the overlay message with my photos, and he insisted INSISTED that I was a developer now, it is all better.  Hmm.  Ok.  Good bye.  My one option left was to do a full factory reset.  Oh my, do you know how many apps I would have to download again?

So, I took it in to the physical Verizon store, where the nice young man deleted one app and made it all better.  That app?  It was Clean Master, one I’d had on various phones for almost 10 years.  Apparently, phones now clean themselves and these two programs fought with each other.  We are really all better.  Gramma Nettie is back online.


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