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Create memories

Following is a post from The Survival Mom on Facebook. 

Over the weekend I attended a homeschool graduation ceremony, and each graduate presented a short photo montage of their favorite memories. Without exception, every montage contained photos from family vacations. With summer approaching, I want to encourage all of you to plan at least one family trip away from home. There’s something about exploring a new environment together that bonds the family and forms forever-memories. And, Dads, this is the one time during the year that your kids will have you all to themselves, as long as you don’t take “work” with you. No trip will be perfect — there will be all types of highs and lows, but those will become something your kids will talk about decades from now. 
On my blog I have numerous articles about family vacations and travel. Just do a search for “travel” and you can read through them. 
Remember, the days are long but the years are short, and speaking as a mom who just graduated her oldest kid, make all the memories you can now, while you can.

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TheGenealogist Releases over 100,000 Parish Records and Thousands of Voter Records

Gramma Nettie researches family history to pass on to her grandchildren. Here is a free resource for us.

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

The following announcement was written by the folks at TheGenealogist:

The People’s Will, Voting by Ballot at a Parliamentary Election from TheGenealogist Image archive

In time for the snap general election, TheGenealogist is adding to its Polls and Electoral records by publishing online a new collection of Poll books ranging from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.

These new records released today offer a tantalising snapshot of our ancestors interaction with the Church and the State of the past.

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Teach Family History to the kids

I stumbled upon this site.  It looks cool, and I hope to try out the workbooks soon.



Vidunas blog

Here is my latest blog post on the Vidunas line.

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Vidunas Research

This is my research on the Vidunas name

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Spinning in the After Life

​”Which makes me wonder if I’m going to need my spinning wheel when I’m dead. I wonder if there is a mortuary anywhere in America that would bury it with me. I’m also wondering what fiber from my fiber stash I should take into my grave when I go. Maybe I should take it all. Life is short but the afterlife is really, really long isn’t it? Yeah, I think I’d better take all of it just to be safe.”

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Lazy Gramma Nettie

This is how I keep track of my colors.  I am not organized enough to keep colour cards.  I tried years ago, but lost them.  Country Classics has commercial color cards, but I find them inadequate for some reason.  So, I started putting a same of MY yarn around the bottle.  Now I can more accurately guess what colors I need.  

Except red.  I cannot get red to be RED!  As you can see I got wildly different results.  I’m open to suggestions to improve my red dying.

Guess which song is in my head?

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