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Grandmother Name

Before I knew my daughter was pregnant with my first grandchild, I picked out my Grandmother name.

It was:  Gramma Nettie

Getting it to stick, now, two years afterwards — well we shall see.  Grandson #1 is beginning to talk, but really doesn’t address me as anything.  I think I scare him.  I can tell because of his body language when I approach him — wide eyes, stiff body, loud crying.  His FLACC score is about a 6/10.

His Grandfather, now that is a different story.  When those two boys see each other, they both throw their arms in the air and yell to each other, give each other huge hugs.  Then they go play cars.  Because Grampa also shares a fascination with cars that go zoom, I am trying to get Number One to call him ZOOMpa.  I think it is kinda cute, don’t you?  I think it might stick, too.

But for me, I know that whatever the oldest grandchild calls the grandparents, every other grandchild after that will call them the same.  I do hope it isn’t ZOOMma!

Gramma Zoom?

He’d better call me something quick, I’m on pins and needles about my new Gramma name.


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