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Yes, Gramma Nettie is working with what’s in her genes!  This link talks about one of several sites you can upload your raw DNA data to get even more information, and how to use it.

via Gedmatch basics: people who match one of two kits

Gedmatch basics: people who match one of two kits

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DNA results part 2

DNA results part 2

Again, an explanation why Native DNA doesn’t show up.

from Who Are You Made Of blog

We were you expecting to see Native American DNA in your ethnicity estimate from your DNA test? You are not along in asking the question of why Native American ancestry doesn’t show up in your ethnicity results. There are a few common reasons why this happens, and we’ll talk about them in this article.

The three main reasons Native American ancestry doesn’t show up in your ethnicity results:

  • There is no Native American ancestry in your family
  • Your “100%” Native American ancestor is too far back to show up on an autosomal DNA test
  • Your Native American ancestor was not Native American by birth

I realize that some of the topics that I discuss in this post will not be easy to read, or what you might want to hear. In addition, this is a sensitive topic for many people, and I will try to handle it with care.

Take a look at the full blog to answer your questions.



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DNA results

DNA results

via Why Doesn’t my DNA Show Native???


A family member recently had a DNA test resulted from  BadBird’s family history says his mother was descended from the Cherokee Indian tribe, and that was from her Grandmother, which would be Rosa Evelyn Davis Young.  The story went something like this —


Gramma Rosa was a full blooded Indian woman, with dark hair which she kept in braids, high cheekbones, and darker skin colouring.  She loved to fish.  In her old age, she took her fishing rod and hiked off to the river to catch some dinner.  She had to walk on the railroad tracks to get to her destination, and didn’t want to be caught by surprise by a train.  So, she did something she’d been taught by her Indian folks — she put her ear to the tracks to listen for a train.  She was deaf — or nearly so — and didn’t actually hear the train….

Now, I don’t actually have much information about her.  I don’t know her parents.  I don’t have a death date for her.  She was born August 1876, and died after 1930, but I don’t have a record of that event.  Which, while disappointing, actually does point to possible Native American heritage.

Back to the DNA.  I think the story is true to some extent, mostly because the people involved had no reason to lie, because my mother in law had quite Indian features, and because of this lack of information for Rosa.  But that family member’s DNA resulted with no Indian blood at all, even though she is a descendant of Rosa, herself.

This article explains quite well how this is possible.

Update:  I did a quick search on for both Rosa Evelyn Davis Young and her husband Oliver Bebe Young.  No further results.  So, according to the information available we are right back where we started from … my children may, indeed, be part Cherokee, but we don’t have any evidence of such.  And, the fact that the DNA results are negative for Native American is not conclusive evidence AGAINST Indian heritage.


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Teach Family History to the kids

I stumbled upon this site.  It looks cool, and I hope to try out the workbooks soon.