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Grandmotherly sayings

Grandmotherly sayings

Here are a few of the sayings my momma said as I was growing up.


1888 Harpers Ad 10 001 (2).jpg

1888 Harpers ad 10 001 (Chavez, 2012)

1. Life ain’t fair

2. Never assume, because if you do it makes an ass out of you and me (ass-u-me)

3. Were you born in a barn?

4. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

5. The Good Lord looks after fools and red-headed women.

What were some of the sayings you have heard?  Comment below!



Chavez, A. (2012, April). Antique Advertisements from the 1800’s. Retrieved from Knick of Time:


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Older woman cartwheel activist

This is an older woman who uses her ability to perform cartwheels (ending in splits, no less) to show her passion.  The story does not elaborate on what her passion is — or i simply missed the point of her cartwheeling demonstration.

The headlines make it seem like the poor old woman is forbidden to do cartwheels in public.  When you read the story, however, you find that the big-wigs do not want her performing cartwheels in the meetings.  That is a major difference.  I would love to see her doing her happy dance in the public park — or on the grassy areas betwixt the sidewalk and the road.

In the meeting hall is a different story.  The news media takes her side — poor creativity-squelched woman — but lets look at this from an attendee’s viewpoint.  I am sitting there, half asleep listening to the blah blah blah of reports and such.  Suddenly WHOOSH a blur of red circles past my vision.  After my heart attack, i realize that a female has just endangered my life.

I don’t blame the leaders for asking her to refrain from wheeling in the courthouse.  Neither do I blame her for her passion.  Perhaps she should hold a cartwheel-a-thon to raise awareness for her cause.

This story certainly takes a particular bias.  It is written to highlight the woman’s plight in a way that seems discriminatory.  They wrote in a way that made me think poorly of the local leaders, yet I feel they were doing the right thing.

The story does not mention if she is a grandmother or not, but she is certainly old enough.  Oh yes — she is working on backflips, now.


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