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Gramma Nettie cooks

Gramma Nettie cooks

Trying grilled radishes for the first time.  They are good fried.  They are good baked.  They are good on a stew.  Use the same way you would potatoes, but they don’t spike your blood sugar like taters do.  

I cleaned them, sprayed with coconut oil and put the basket on the grill.

They kept their color, but the flavor was changed.  It was interesting, different.  I cooked up Two bunches which was too much for the two of us.  I will do it again.

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Drumcake recipe

A collection of recipes from the 1950s.  I remember some of these as I was growing up.  I may have had that same General Mills cookbook, too.  They are fun to look at, and many of the recipes look like they would be a fun project with the grandkids.  Apron up and get cookin’

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