I am a grandmother. I enjoy my position, but I don’t always understand the feelings I have as I transition. My grandsons are still very young, therefore I am still quite inexperienced as a grandmother, and am still defining what it means to be Gramma Nettie, and how I wish my grand-children to remember me. Because I realize they WILL remember me no matter how insignificant I may feel.

Besides — I am way WAY too young to be a grandmother! I am still 18 years old, albeit with 33 years’ experience.


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  1. SugarLady

    12 July 2014 at 11:43 am

    Thanks for “liking my blog.” Being a grandmother is the best of all. We just welcomed our 5th grandchild (2nd grandson) and our oldest granddaughter who is 24 in September has lived with us for nearly 4 years now. Where the time goes is a mystery to me. I still feel as if I am 30 something until I look in the mirror and see the gray hair. Fortunately, I have evaded the wrinkles just yet. Being a “grannie” is about loving who we are and letting our young see that we are comfortable with our lives without having regrets. I missed having grandparents in my life (we emigrated from England when I was young) and the memories my grandparents left with me are still treasured to this day. I think I still have every letter they ever wrote to me over the years.

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