Kid-Friendly Digital Activities part 1

09 Apr
Kid-Friendly Digital Activities part 1
Reposted from the Mighty Mommy’s article — From Audiobooks to Art Lessons—5 Fun, Digital Activities for Kids


Most of the time, we want our kids to get physical, play outside, get dirty.  However, there ARE those times when it is appropriate for a little screen time.  These next few posts include links to educational activities.


Summer camps are plentiful all across the country. Whether it be Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, a swim camp, horseback riding camp, or a cooking or art camp there are hundreds of overnight or day camps for boys and girls to choose from.  Increasing in popularity is also another way to experience camp and that’s by attending one from your very own home—an online camp.

One innovative and creative pick is Maker Camp.  As described on their website, Maker Camp provides a simple, fun way for kids to get involved in making hundreds of projects. “Our worldwide network of affiliates host Maker Camps in public libraries, community groups, makerspaces, and maker homes. Cool projects are always available here online! More than 1 million kids have participated in Maker Camp since it launched in 2012.”

Some of the projects your child could learn to build are robotics, cell phones, tree houses, and 3-D print works.  Your kids can even invite their friends to join in on a project making this experience fun and interactive. — (Butler, 2017)

This one looks really cool with lots of opportunities.  I had heard of Maker Spaces for adults, who meet up in a garage and learn how to make a wooden table, or build a robot.  There would be tools to borrow much like one would borrow a book from the library.  Many times, someone would be available to give advice to improve the craft.  I SOOOO want to try this!


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