Gramma Nettie soaks wool

07 Aug

This is my first attempt at fermented suint to clean raw wool.  The idea is to soak the untreated raw wool in plain water, letting bacterial fermentation scour the grease out.  The wool is to sit in the water, the first batch for about a week, the rest is done in about 3-4 days.  It is supposed to get stinky, similar to the earthy barnyard stench.  Then, take the wool out, rinse with the house and let it dry in the sun.  The residual odor dissipates and is gone by the time it dries.

This batch is baby Icelandic lamb moorit coloring.  I like the idea of minimal handling for two reasons.  The first is that my hands can’t handle all that squeezing.  The other reason is that I think it should be much gentler to alpaca and fragile fleeces.

The funny thing is that twenty years ago, I thought about soaking wool in water for extended amount of time.  I didn’t know about getting the grease out.  I thought it might be a way to essentially “rot” the vegetable matter out.  I don’t know.

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