Sniping gramma

12 Jun

Should Gramma continue visiting the kids?


This post is from a mother who wonders if the Gramma in question should continue to visit her children.  She complains that the kids’ paternal grandmother has been making snide and rude remarks about her.  The columnist essentially advises the woman to suck it up so the children can continue their relationship with their gramma.  I agree … to a point.

That point comes when the rudeness and the snide remarks are directed AT or TO the kids.  As a mother, my job was to protect my children from malicious people while explaining to them that things like that happen.  As a mother, my job was to foster a good relationship between old folks and young folks as long as they all play nice in the sand box.  According to BrainyQuote,

The reason grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is that they have a common enemy — Sam Levenson
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They can both hate me, but I expect professional and respectful behaviours from everybody towards everybody.

That is Gramma Nettie’s house rules.


Orange boy feeding Yellow boy

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