Gramma Nettie goes Camping

10 Jun

Due to an unfortunate turn of events, Gramma Nettie will go camping the way I used to.  What is that phrase in vogue now-a-days?  Oh, yes.  Old Gangsta style.  With a tent.

I used to have a camper on the back of our Ford F150.  We had to use a three-step ladder to climb in, moving it out of the way to close the door.  This was tricky, had to make sure not to topple over out the door.  Once inside, I could cook up a small meal for the two of us, BadBird slept in the overhead while I slept on the pull-out bed.  As big as I am, it was actually quite comfortable.  Then we sold it.


We sold it to make the downpayment for an old boat.  Not just any old boat, mind you, but more of a yacht.  It is HUGE, a Cuddy Cabin cruiser!  Our three-step ladder is no longer appropriate to get into the boat when it is on the trailer.  No, we had to get a long LONG step ladder and I still struggled to get in.  It is great once it is on the water, but we haven’t seen the water but twice since we bought it in August of last year.  It just is not that simple to drag it around, it takes a long time to get it into the water.  I really enjoy the speed, the views, the wind in my hair.  I enjoy going below decks to try to use the alcohol stove to heat up some soup or coffee and tea.  There is a bathroom next to the galley, but I certainly don’t want to add the time and trouble to clean it out.  The logistics of getting the dogs out of the boat (did I mention they are skittish with anything new?) is terrible.  Imagine, two scared dogs weighing about 60# each who need to go pee.  Put out the anchor, and hope it sticks.  Pull out the inflatable raft, throw the dogs into it and hope they don’t ruin it with their nails.  row out to the shore, put the dogs out (on a leash) then reverse that process. 


Instead of doing that for our reunion, we are going to go camping in a tent.  BadBird bought two elevated full-size inflatable mattresses.  We set up the tent in the back yard, blew up one mattress, and I gingerly laid down upon it.  It actually wasn’t that bad, at least for the short time I was on it.  I had the chance to sleep overnight in my own yard, but I declined.  I’ll do it when I have to, but I can’t see as I’ll enjoy it. 

My daughter has a tent-camper she and her husband use for their three boys.  They will reserve a spot at an RV resort, one with pools and play areas for the kids.  We are going to set up shop on the grass right next to them, and pay a little extra.  We camp for three days, have the reunion on Saturday, then head back home.

Go tent camping, he says.  It’ll be fun, he says.  I hope my gimpy hip will allow me to agree.

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One response to “Gramma Nettie goes Camping

  1. thesmilingpilgrim

    10 June 2016 at 11:01 pm

    Love that first photo hah!



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