Genealogy Trading Cards

16 May

Grandmothers tend to pass down information to the younger generations. Maslow called this stage in our lives the Generative stage, and is very normal. Our lives are what they are because of the lives of our ancestors. It really behooves us to review their life stories and heed any admonition they may have for us.

To that end, I like this idea of doing some Ancestor Trading cards for our next reunion. I’m not sure exactly how this will look for me, nor what we will do with them.

The Shy Genealogist

Happy New Year everyone!

My Christmas Break is almost over and I decided to take some time to work on a project I’ve always thought would be fun.  Being a teacher, I’m always on the lookout for fun ideas to use with my students.  A web site I came across awhile back is called Big Huge Labs and they have free tools to make lots of fun things with photos you upload including calendars, photo cubes, magazine covers, etc. Today, I thought I’d play with the Trading Card option.  Being an algebra teacher, I’m not sure if I’ll ever come up with a good use for trading cards in class, but I’m really interested in the potential for Genealogy Trading Cards!

Here are the cards I created for my grandparents.

Imagine my surprise to see that when download,  this “trading card” is 7″ x10″! When I tried to scale the…

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