What People Think When You Have 4 Kids

26 Jul

When we were pregnant with our fourth child, we discovered we needed a different vehicle. We needed a minivan! At THAT time of the economy vehicles were not made for 6 people, four kids.

So we got our minivan and had to have a fifth child to fill in the blank spaces. Once you have four children, it doesn’t much matter anyway.

I was also accused of being Mormon, Catholic or Apostolic Lutheran. I’m just a little Christian girl who enjoys the blessings God has given.

Now as my baby is gettin married my house is very very empty.

Someone told me once that we had too many children. I asked him which one we should put back. Was it the paleontologist? Or the ballerina ( who is now stay at home school teacher) or the Paleobotanist. How about the policeman/fireman who’s going to have 15 children, build a big house and live with his daddy.

Reproductive choices is ultimately a personal matter no matter which side of the fence you are on.

As for me at my house we’ll take the kids.

The Perfect Dad

Sunset crazy kids

I will soon have four kids. Therefore you assume that I:

1. Am Mormon or Catholic

2. Like to have sex but don’t know how to use birth control

3. Have plans to start my own farm and therefore need a cheap/free child labor force

I know you’re thinking this because I have thought these things. There is no reason to have more than three kids. TV has taught me this with all-American shows like Modern Family, Roseanne, Different Strokes,The Simpsons, Family Ties, Family Matters, and Growing Pains. These shows illustrate three is the normal number for a family. If you have more than three it’s the whole premise of the show (see The Brady Bunch or the ever expanding Duggar family).

The lesson is clear: Big families are freak shows.

The only explanations for having a big family are the ones I listed at the top of this…

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