The Influence Of TV On Kids

18 Jul
The Influence Of TV On Kids

This is something we all have to come to terms with. Using the TV as a babysitter helps with the immediate needs, but tends to be harmful in the long run.

Single Mom In Miami

Smart tv and hand pressing remote controlAt our house we do not have cable. Between Hulu and Netflix we have all the crappy TV we can watch. Before I made the decision to stick it to the man and cancel my cable, my daughter would watch these awful awful shows on Nickelodeon and Disney. Now, I don’t know what your observations as parents are when/if your children watch these shows, but all I saw were shows glorifying the material things or stardom or how its cool to be ditsy and dumb. No shows that I ever saw, at least on primetime, on these channels were teaching my daughter that working hard at school pays off or that its ok to not have perfect hair and clothes.

Ever since cancelling our cable subscription, my daughter has become more studious and acts less entitled to have all the things she sees on TV. She once wanted to be…

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