Remembering My Grandmother – “Nanny”

10 Jul
Remembering My Grandmother – “Nanny”

Welcome to the Grandmother Club!

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red geraniumsAs I think back about my grandmother I remember her as so silly and funny, always had better food than we did in the fridge- it seemed, spunky, practical, could cook the best yellow cake with chocolate frosting I have ever eaten, and even though she was not perfect, she did her best and welcomed people as best she could with what she had. She loved red geraniums, carnations, the color red, clowns, cake, and Tom Jones. She never wore a pair of pants in her life and always wore sleeveless dresses.

I went to live with my grandmother in the Jr. High School years and did not know that we didn’t have much money until years later.  I would have a piece of bread and a piece of cheese for breakfast, we ate a lot of cabbage and potatoes and not very much meat at all if any. We were happy.


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