Wanting to do Something

06 Jul

Welcome to the Grandmother Club!

Robena McCormick

I spent all morning decorating cloth diapers. They are to serve as burp cloths for my almost here granddaughter. She’ll show herself in about two more weeks.

I asked Beth and Andrew several days ago, “Do you have a blessing dress for her?” thinking that was something special I could do for the little one coming.

“Yes, I’ve got mine that she’s going to wear,” Beth answers. I think, That’ll be so sweet. But what do I do for her now?

Beth’s mom has spent the past six months collecting baby girl clothes. Andrew is positive they have enough clothes for five babies. I’m not going to give them something that they’re going to have to fight to find a spot for.

“Do you have enough blankets?” I should make a quilt. I’m a quilter. I’m getting a new granddaughter. It only makes sense.

Andrew laughs, his quiet, “what a…

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Posted by on 6 July 2014 in Grandmothers


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