Who is Virginia Graeme Baker?

03 Jul

This is great information. I never knew that you could see a rip current. Good to know. Grammas can help keep our little ones safe.


Sore backs, aching muscles, and a stressful day, can be eased with the therapy of a hot tub. Even in the colder winter months of the Pacific Northwest, lifting the lid on a spa and feeling the steam, relaxing in, and watching the twinkling stars at night is so therapeutic. Contrasting the heat of the spa or hot tub with cool air is delightful. Called hydrotherapy, spa or hot tub soaking is considered a complementary or alternative medical treatment. Check out this link for more information regarding the various benefits of this therapy:

These convenient mini-swim pools are enjoyable for not just adults, but children too! Gathering the family together for some soaking and relaxation time can enrich that family time experience.

As a collection of water, even though these tubs are smaller, risks are present with its use and presence . So, if you already have one, or are…

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