“For When I am Really Old…”

27 Jun
“For When I am Really Old…”

This request from a not-so-old mother to her child hits a bit close to home. I sometimes ponder my own last days. I think I will repost this do my kids can find it. I can’t think of anything I want to change. And the response is so reassuring to momma. For when I am really old.

Simply Sophisticated

fishing A few weeks ago, my parents visited my grandmother at her retirement home in Virginia. On that visit, my mom must have had plenty of time to think about her own self and how she would like to be cared for after she can no longer care for herself, because when I opened up my inbox the next morning I had a letter entitled, “For when I am really old.” I can just picture her now, sitting on her mother-in-law’s worn sofa, the “Notes” app open on her iPhone 5,  thinking which child would most appreciate this humor. Of course, I’m the overly sentimental one in our family, so the honor went to me. Her letter read:

Subject: For when I am really old
1. I would like a room with doors leading outside and a screen or really big windows so I can feel close to nature.
2. I don’t want a lot…

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