Reading is for Babies

25 Jun

Grandmothers, take heed to this timely advice! Read to them

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Preface: If you can slip into the freeway stream before 5 pm (Phoenix time), you might, on a good day, lead the rush hour pack, and you will, almost every day, catch some of NPR’s best stories on “All Things Considered.” After 5, expect heavy traffic and heavier crises. If only the people in those crises could be fortified by the pre-5  conversations like the rest of us. Recently, we had Horace Silver’s obituary. (Didn’t know his name, but his music? Absolutely.) Another day, another musical theme: an introduction to polyrhythms.

Father reading to baby The real topic: Yesterday, Audie Cornish interviewed Professor Susan Neuman about the American Pediatrics Association’s latest immunization promotion: “Immunize your children against illiteracy.” Research continues to confirm that reading to children matters, with new evidence that the younger you start, the better. Reading is even for babies. The benefits range from the earliest vocabulary development though later achievements.


Some of my toddler memories include my dad reading me Dr. Seuss and, I…

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