Grandmother School

25 Jun

Oh my goodness! And how could I NOT repost this for the Grandmother Club?

My Mind...It Wanders So

My daughter told me that I went to Mother School,
And graduated at the top of my class.
Well, let me tell you this…
I did my post-graduate at Grandmother School,
And tried my very best!

Once again, I landed, in the very top of my class!
My award, I accepted with excitement and glee!
Lots of “A”s in “Worry Worry, Worry”! and
“Spend, Spend, Spend,” as well as in
“Buy, Buy, Buy” lots of incredibly useless stuff,
To shower you all, whether you need it or not!

I also got “A”s in knowing that you’re all perfect,
With nary a fault to be seen.
You all are perfection personified,
Beyond a Grandmother’s wildest dreams!
If you object, be careful!
For flowing throughout your veins
Are multitudes, if not scores,
Of Grandmother’s very same genes!

And why are you surprised that I continued my eduction,
By graduating, once again, at…

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Posted by on 25 June 2014 in Grandmothers


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