The Grandma Relationship

20 Jun

She describes her relationships with her grandchildren very well.

Wela Betty

I’ve been an abuela for almost 7 years now and just love it!

Being there for the births of my two granddaughters during illness, through the tantrums and tears, and rediscovering the world through their eyes is a fantastic experience that can’t be described in words. Of course, there is some “mischief” (call it spoiling) that occurs when we are together – that’s part of the fun – and I consider it a part of being a grandmother… the privilege to indulge them with special treats once in a while!

I have also come to realize that there is a qualitative difference between being a mother and being a grandmother. For me, the grandma relationship is wonderful because it’s conflict-free. But if I was minding a child full-time (or if one of my daughters had produced a boy!), I might see things differently.

But right now, for me, one of…

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