Memories of a Visit to My Grandmother’s House

07 Jun

” The life of the house left when my grandmother went home”
manicdiva73 describes her visits to her southern grandmother, and the loss she now feels.

Manicdiva73's Poetry Blog

dirt road

I remember the smell of the country air as we went down south to visit my grandmother.

I liked to wiggle my feet in the red dirt. My mother would always tell me not to get dirty because the red dirt was hard to get out of my clothes. Being a child, I didn’t care. I still ran and played with my cousins. I remember running up and down the dirt roads. I felt free. That was a happy time in my life.

How could I forget the chickens that roamed free? Yes, we threw rocks at them because we didn’t know any better. My parents would run out of the house just to make us stop.

In the backyard of my grandmother’s house, there were a lot of flowers and trees. I was told not to go back there because of the snakes. It was so beautiful that I…

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