Gramma Nettie at a Birthday party

23 Feb

My first Grandson is two years old, now!  My how time flies.

He is the smartest little boy I know.  The party was filled with lots of Grandparents from both sides, Aunts and Uncles and Cousins.  Barely any room to move around!  And the noise was glorious, with the boys playing with drums and xylophones and recorders — GS#1 was funny, tooting into the recorder backwards.

He was so overwhelmed with all the activity, with all the colourful presents.  His most favourite thing is cars.  The first thing he says when he comes over is “cars?  cars?” then he has to go get the cars out of the freezer.

Of course, he got cars for his birthday.  Flashy new cars, great food and drink.  He got a riding McQueen car.  His eyes got big, he had a huge smile on his face, and he hopped right on.  He quickly found the horn button, the right turn signal button, the left turn signal button, and pushed them all.  He drove the thing into the wall, and was rescued by Daddy.  Then — THEN — he found the music button.  He had to get off and dance around the car.  Then he got down on his knees to inspect his beautiful new wheels.  The look on his face was pure bliss.

When he gets older and starts fixiing his own cars, I want to pull out this photo and show it to him.  It is also one of those photos that you could recreate in 16 years.

Gramma Nettie had to leave early.  I went to give #1 a kiss, and — as is his usual response — he turned his head “NO!”  In front of everybody.  I could have gotten my feeling hurt, but that won’t change anything, so I just said that is our routine.  Then, when I left, he looked at me like he wanted to hug me.  When I moved in that direction he ran off.  Oh, well.  He is only two years old.

I got to visit with Grandson #2, who is 3 months old.  He is curious about everything.  He has to look at everything, and leans into his looking.  He was very frightened when he woke up from his nap and his home was filled with all sorts of people.  It took a while for him to adjust to all the attention.  I was able to hold him for a while.  He talks to me, and I talk back to him.  We had a great conversation.  Don’t know what we talked about, but it was a great conversation.

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