Grandmothers — The Rules of Engagement

17 Jan

According to Susan Hoffman in her article on Ezine @rticles, the rules for being a Grandmother has changed, and not necessarily in a good way.


She comments how parents have moved away, or how the parents are somehow alienated from their own parents, from the Grandparents.  she further mentions how the “Me” generation has adopted a new set of family values.  As they raised their children into adulthood, they wanted to give them a better life.  Unfortunately, they gave them too much; by overindulging them, they created an atmosphere of selfishness, of the inability to respect their parents.  although the grandparents did not intend to, they created a monster.

This, she says, creates Grandparents who are no longer needed.   But, Grandparents ARE needed.  Looking at how many young mothers go to the clinics and to the emergency rooms for ailments which Grandmother would have known how to treat is one example.  Most Grandmoms have experienced many childhood illnesses, and can easily support the mother through a difficult time of life.

But, no matter what, Grandparents still have to roll with the rules laid down by the parents.  Parents are the authority figure, and they get to call the shots.  The successful Grandmother will adapt to this change in authority, if ONLY to maintain the relationship with the grandchildren.

It is good to know that there are resources out there for Grandparents, to raise social consciousness.  Grandparents are needed, and sometimes it is up to us to figure out the special niche, the precious area in which we are able to connect with the children of our children.

To read the entire article, see Susan Hoffman’s article here:

Hoffman, Susan “Grandparenthood: Changing Rules and Roles.” Grandparenthood: Changing Rules and Roles. 7 Feb. 2013 6 Mar. 2013 <­Changing-­Rules-­and-­Roles&id=7493387>.


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